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Mon 20 Jun 2016 James Nuttall

Bella Kiwi

We are halfway through National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, an event which celebrates the many wonderful perks of eating fresh greens.

June was the obvious choice to mark the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables as this is the time of year when many of the most popular healthy goodies are at their peak; this is also the point in the year when interior design takes a turn for the sunny and vibrant, making this the ideal moment for us to showcase some of our refreshingly green vertical blinds, which are perfect for replenishing a dreary decor.

Green is the colour of harmony and peace; it has a psychologically calming effect on human beings, evoking feelings of nature and tranquility. With this train of thought, there is perhaps no better colour to generate positive and spirited vibe in your home.

Bear in mind that the designs below are just a few of our gorgeous green vertical blinds. Don’t forget to take a look at the vast range of greenery we offer on our website!

Touched by Design Deluxe Plain Lime

We are kicking off the proceedings with a green vertical blind from our very own, exclusive Touched by Design range. This blind is reminiscent of the skin of fresh, tropical limes, and it is this property that gives the fabric its zest. Tropical is seriously in vogue this summer, and there is no better vertical blind on the market than this to optimise this aesthetic in your home. If you have  any patio doors or a window which faces out onto a garden, these blinds are perfect for adding to the natural and botanical feel.

Aspects Colour Solutions Fern

In contrast to Plain Lime, Aspects Colour Solutions Fern is a much lighter affair. This vivid green is an instant focal point in even the boldest of decors; Fern is an optimistic and uplifting colour that promises to fashion a vibrant ambience of positivity and vitality. Made from a polyester dimout fabric, it promises privacy and style in equal measure.

Arena Henshaw Green

A softer shade of green than our other selections, Arena Henshaw Green incorporates a subtle stripe pattern into the polyester fabric to give this green vertical blind an extra stylish facet. This material is softly textured and is a much gentler tone than most other greens, helping to create a soothed and inviting environment in your home.

Aspects Colour Solutions Olive

From the same line of vertical blinds as Fern, Aspects Colour Solutions Olive¬†adds a deeper dimension of greenery to a room than any of the above. Olive is a classically chic shade of green, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, and this dimout polyester fabric will ensure your privacy and also help you to get a good night’s sleep by helping to keep external light from penetrating the fabric.

Is green already a staple within your home? Why not send us a photograph on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? #igdtrends


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