Peach month!

Mon 17 Aug 2015 James Nuttall

Can you believe we’ve let it get this far into August without making any attempt to celebrate Peach month?

What? You mean you didn’t know that it’s Peach month? Shame on you!

Yes, this is undoubtedly the month to celebrate the juicy and delicious fruit that is simply synonymous with summer. This is, in fact, a recognised celebration and has been for over 30 years.

All you need to do to celebrate is go out and buy as many peaches and peach-related items as you can get your hands on – and that includes vertical blinds. Fortunately, we at Vertical Blinds Direct have a several peach vertical blinds for you to choose from, just ripe for ordering. We’ve listed our favourites here:

Arena Lotus Peach

Vertical Blinds Direct - Arena Lotus Peach

Arena Lotus Peach

A cheery and feminine shade of peach, matched with a subtle botanical pattern, is ideal for adding an understated yet intriguing aesthetic to your interior.

Gold Bermuda Peach

Gold Bermuda blackout Peach - Vertical Blinds Direct

Gold Bermuda Peach

A very tasteful and refined colour, Gold Bermuda Peach is certainly a more subdued shade than our other two designs here, but that is part of the charm.

Global Galaxy Peach

Global Galaxy Peach - Vertical Blinds Direct

Global Galaxy Peach

Make a bold statement with a Global Galazy Peach vertical blind. This bold shade of peach is perfect for creating a warm atmosphere in the office or home.


So, how are you going to be celebrating National Peach Month? Maybe you already have? Let us know!


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