Vertical Blinds: anything but boring

Thu 8 Oct 2015 James Nuttall

Purple and Green vertical blinds

In September, we published a post about how great vertical blinds look in the office, however, we don’t want to stunt your imagination into thinking your verticals must be confined to the workplace in order to look fabulous.

While vertical blinds may not have the long, swooping drapery of curtains, or the fabulous folding presence of roman blinds, this needn’t mean they are the dullest of all window furnishings – a last resort for purely keeping the light out and to be cast to the two corners of the window pane during the daytime.

Enigma Glory

The fact of the matter is, no home, office or cave on the planet needs to be dull, it’s only those of us who choose to make a statement who will really make the most their interior. Vertical blinds can be a part of that in a huge way, whatever your style.

We at Vertical Blinds Direct wanted to show you just how gorgeous, and above all, exciting, verticals really can look within a room. We selected a few of our room set images, incorporating vertical blinds of varying colours in various locations, and compiled them here so you can see for yourself.

If you are inspired to make a change in your home, and you think vertical blinds would be a stylish and dazzling addition, then head over to our website now to browse our blinds of many colours.

What do you think of these rooms? Let us know in the comments!

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Vertical blind dining room



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