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Thu 16 Jul 2015 James Nuttall


We are currently about one month into the summer season. Although the heat tends to die down by the end of August, we still have quite a way to go until that happens, and we are sure that more than a few of you reading this will have at least one sweltering story to tell from this summer, so far.

Sure, there are hundreds of reasons why summer is the best season; the days are longer, the sunny weather (we can hope!), leaves on the trees and flowers in full bloom – perfect picnic weather. Nonetheless, there are plenty of stumbling blocks during the sunshine season, which help to make summer a nightmare for some people; insects, thunderstorms, the inevitable drought or flood, and of course the biggest problem for many – the heat.

Having to walk outside in the baking sun can be bad enough during the day, but having to endure the high temperatures at night is just unbearable. For many, this problem results in a serious lack of sleep and the inevitable burnout at work or in school.

We at Vertical Blinds Direct feel your pain, which is why we are here to give you some useful tips on how to keep your bedroom cool during the summer months, aiding you to get a good night’s sleep…

1. Cool it!

We are all told that cold showers are a great way to wake up, however, in the summer, it is also a first class way to ensure a decent, cool night’s sleep. Finding the time to rinse off all the sweat under a refreshing, tepid shower will lower your body temperature, as well as improve circulation around the body, meaning you will not only feel cool when you get into bed, you will feel cleaner, too.

2. Lay low

Heat rises, we all know it. With bedrooms in conventional houses being on the higher floors in the house (who’s stupid idea was that?), it is naturally much warmer up there than it is on the ground floor. Therefore, you should do your best to stay as close to the ground as possible; take your mattress off the bed and sleep on the floor – every little helps, after all.  Damn you lucky people who have a ground-floor flat!

3. Invest in a fan

Okay, it’s an obvious one, but a household fan is a godsend on hot evenings. One thing that makes for a sleepless night is no air circulation; a quiet fan that can create a gentle breeze within a room suddenly becomes your best friend when the heat becomes unbearable. If you put a pan of frozen ice in front of the fan, it will also help to ensure a cool breeze.

4. Loose is more

Loose night attire is absolutely the way forward into the land of nod when a heatwave is afoot. Cotton shirts and shorts could well be the reason you manage to spend eight hours sleeping and not three hours tossing and turning out of frustration and five hours passed out from exhaustion.

5. Unplug your appliances

Computers, laptops, mobile phones – they all produce various levels of heat when they are plugged in or switched on. To avoid unwanted additional warmth, unplug that junk!

6. Change your bedding

Tog should be your most-feared word in the summer. Ditch those heavy duvets and store them away ready for Autumn. Instead, replace them with lighter quilts, or even just a few sheets. A helpful tip might be to put them in the freezer for half an hour before you go to bed, as well!

7. Starfish!

While snuggling may be an intimate and romantic end to the day, it doesn’t do well for ending a summer evening. Body contact is the ultimate breeding ground for heat generation, so for a cool night’s sleep and to avoid sleeping in a sweaty mess, kick your other half out of the bed and spread out your limbs to help air to circulate around your body.

9. Do all you can to keep the light out

A blackout blind or set of curtains wouldn’t go amiss in this weather! Not only do they help to block out excess light, they also repel heat. Did we mention that our sister sites, Custom Curtains and Roman Blinds Direct are dab hands at producing top quality blackout products? Surely, we must have at some point.

10. Hydrate and re-hydrate 

Dehydration is a common occurrence during the hot months, and when you are trying to sleep, being thirsty is just intolerable. To combat this torture, it’s a good idea to keep a glass of ice water by the bed should you need to take a swig. (It’s also nice and refreshing to hold it against your face for a few seconds every now and then, as well!)



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