Shop the Season: Vertical Blinds For Autumn

Fri 4 Nov 2016 James Nuttall


The autumn leaves are sticking around a little longer this year, and weather experts predict that these gorgeous pink and orange tones are going to be sticking around for a couple of weeks longer than usual, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.

The colours of autumn may only be fleeting visions for a few weeks of the year, but the brilliant shades of our vertical blinds maintain their beauty all year round, gifting quality and style, all for an excellent price. This time of year is the perfect time to adopt an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach to your interior design; as the trees shed their old leaves, so should you shed any part of your decor you find outdated and stagnant, and introduce some soothing colours which are synonymous with this time of year.

Autumn colours are predominantly subdued shades of orange, pink and red, and we have selected a handful of vertical blinds in these tones to showcase you today:

Touched by Design Deluxe Plain Deep Pink

A dusky shade from our exclusive Touched by Design range, this pink vertical blind is a plain design which possesses a great deal of power in your home decor. Reminiscent of the deep pink shade maple leafs turn to at this time of year, it creates a warm and welcoming ambience to come home to, which instantly is instantly relaxing.

Aspects Solar Terracotta

Aspects Solar Terracotta radiates the perfect autumnal orange glow in any interior. Orange vertical blinds such as this one generate an optimistic and

Louvolite Carnival Marachino

This dark cherry red vertical blind is the epitome of vibrant sophistication. Louvolite Carnival Marachino is another true reflection of the gorgeous red tones that are synonymous with this time of year, emulating the deep hues of autumn leaves and the dark pinks of a clear evening sky.

Louvolite Nocturne Sunset

Emanating the spectacular orange glow that only comes with the autumnal setting sun, Louvolite Nocturne Sunset establishes an intimate atmosphere in a room, especially ones which feature subdued lighting to enhance the radiance of this orange vertical blind.


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