Stay awake at work

Wed 9 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

It’s an all too common problem in most jobs: staying awake throughout the day. For many of us – even those who are lucky enough to love their jobs – working weeks often consist of early starts, a minimum of eight hours at work, then the commute back home again. No matter what your job, feeling the physical or mental strain can come without warning, and before you know it your head is lulling and your eyes refuse to stay open.

Sometimes, this issue doesn’t kick in until after lunchtime, when all is needed to tip the sleepy scale is a full stomach and a warm working environment. Sometimes, it can begin the moment our heartless alarm clocks explode into our ears first thing in the morning, and not stop until we are allowed to get back into bed more than half a day later. Such is life.

At Vertical Blinds Direct,┬áit is normally our main priority to ensure that our bespoke blinds help to give you the best night’s sleep possible, but today we are switching to the other side of the mirror and doing our best to keep you awake!

Click the picture below to view our tips for keeping awake in the workplace:

Stay awake infographic Vertical Blinds Direct


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