SYW: Vertical Blinds For Offices

Mon 15 Aug 2016 James Nuttall


Welcome to the final installment of our Styling Your Windows series. We are taking a professional twist this month and turning our attention to home offices, a room that needs to be both comfortable and functional, perhaps more so than any other in the home.

That being said, we wouldn’t want you to think that means home offices are vast, barren wastelands when it comes to style – our Inspiration page on Roman Blinds Direct will prove that they are anything but. However, before you visit our sister site, we at Vertical Blinds Direct will be bestowing the great many pros of choosing vertical blinds as your furnishings for your home office.

For us, the biggest selling point that vertical blinds possess for home offices is that they add a seriously professional finish to a room, without compromising your style. Vertical blinds come in all styles and colours, allowing you to fashion a wide range of motifs in your home office (more of that on our Inspiration page). Simple and understated, the louvres provide you with a tasteful and refined window furnishing that enhances your decor, without distracting you from your work.

office vertical blind

Let’s not forget the plenitude of practical perks that come with vertical blinds, making them absolutely ideal for home offices. Firstly, they are remarkably simple to install; you have no time to waste when it comes to setting up your working environment, so our vertical blinds act as a handy time-saver as far as your furnishings go.┬áThis ease continues into their usability, offering you a product that is incredibly straightforward to operate thanks to our smooth operating cords, which let you choose exactly how much light you want to let into your home office.

Aside from being easy to install, they are also effortless to maintain. Our website features an enormous amount of easy-wipe blinds, which offer the ultimate ease in keeping the louvres clean.

Thirdly, vertical blind fabric offers varying opacity levels; we stock products that range from complete blackout to diffused fabrics, meaning you can achieve the exact level of privacy and light protection you desire. Blackout vertical blinds offer total protection from the outside world, promising to maintain your privacy as well as blocking light from the sun for when you require total darkness. Diffused fabrics on the other hand are not so rigid about letting light into your home, and allow small amounts of natural light to enter your office.

Many of our fabrics are also moisture-proof, so in the rare event that rain gets onto your vertical blinds through your window, the water will simply glide off rather than being absorbed and ruining the louvres. Another practical advantage that most of our vertical blinds have is flame-retardant fabric; as the name suggests, these fabrics are non-flammable, making your working environment safe as well as stylish.

By now you should be convinced that vertical blinds are the only choice for a home office. What other reasons could you possibly need? It doesn’t stop here, though; make sure you head over to our Inspiration page on Roman Blinds Direct to discover how to style a broad-ranging mix of home office decors, featuring tips from expert designers.

If vertical blinds are lending some serious style to your home office, we’d love to see some pictures. Why not send us some on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?


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