Vertical blinds for bedrooms

Thu 28 Jan 2016 James Nuttall

Vertical blind, bedroom

Vertical blinds may be the ideal way to add a touch of style to the office, but let’s not forget the fabulous effect they can also have in your home.

The truth is that, although they are ideal for creating a professional tone in the workplace, vertical blinds are also the perfect way to create a breezy and spacious atmosphere in your home; the effortlessly craft a relaxed and calm feel, while maintaining the room’s style and elegance.

At Vertical Blinds Direct, we are immensely proud of our blackout blinds, which are perfect for bedrooms. Our blackout vertical blinds guarantee an extra push for privacy, thanks to the extra-thick lining, which prevents silhouettes from being cast across the fabric to the outside world.

Blackout blinds are also the saviour of people who are at the mercy of the sun beaming through their windows first thing in the morning; the thick lining also blocks out external light generated from the sun and street lamps, promising you a good, uninterrupted night’s rest.

White vertical blind - purple bedroom

Above are two images of white vertical blinds, complementing two very differently decorated bedrooms, showcasing just how diverse a range of interiors our blinds can enhance. Don’t let this stunt your imagination, though; our entire collection of coloured vertical blinds can be used to complement or contrast beautifully with your decor. Why not take a look at the fantastic range of colours we stock on our website?

Have you already incorporated vertical blinds into your bedroom? What do you think of them?

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