Winter’s coming…

Mon 26 Oct 2015 James Nuttall

Blackout roman blind

You may or may not be aware that Vertical Blinds Direct is part of the Interior Goods Direct business group, consisting of nine different websites. One of our other, most popular sites, is Roman Blinds Direct.

With winter fast approaching, you are, no doubt, looking for ways to keep the home warm without spending a fortune. Our blackout Roman blinds are a fantastic any stylish way to achieve just that.

Blackout blinds not only helps to block out 99.9% of external light (handy for those feeling the effect of daylight savings), but they also offer 100% UV ray protection. Roman blinds are every bit as stylish as vertical blinds, and come in just as many different colours and patterns.

They act as a natural insulator, as the extra blackout lining helps to retain heat within the home, meaning you needn’t spend an extortionate amount on heating your home, this winter. Just head over to our Roman Blinds Direct site to take a look at the vast range of choice we offer in designs.


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